VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller Review

If you’re a pet owner and don’t have cat and dog strollers, you’re missing out! A pet stroller is a great way to travel with your pet and can be used:

  • For vet appointment
  • For your groomers
  • While shopping

Dog and cat strollers are also great for pets that are older, have limited mobility or are recovering from surgery. When it comes to pet strollers, there are many different options you can go with including large dog strollers. One of the best selling and most popular stroller for pets is the VIVO three wheel pet stroller. This convernient stroller offers everything you and your pet need to travel in comfort.

VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller Features

This VIVO pet stroller offers many wonderful features that will make travel time with your pet fun.

Five Color Options– You can choose the VIVO three wheel pet stroller in one of five colors; black, camo, red, pink with white polka dots, and purple.

Compact– This great pet stroller measures 39”x27”x14” and folds to 32”x9”. This makes it ideal for storage in your car, in your closet or even under your bed.

Plenty of Storage– The VIVO stroller has a large size basket under the seat, two cup holders and a center tray.

Weight Capacity– If you have a pet or multiple pets that weigh a total of 30 pounds, this stroller will suit you.

Mesh Windows– With this pet stroller your pet will get plenty of air and ventilation through the mesh windows. The mesh will keep bugs away from the pet while still providing clean air to them.

Plenty of Space– The seat compartment for your pet measures around 19”x12”x19” which is plenty for small or multiple small pets.

These are just some of the basic features of the VIVO three wheel stroller for pets. If you are looking for a durable, easy to use, and affordable cat and dog strollers, this is a wonderful option.

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